Multicolor Flocking for Flat Screen Printing Lines – mod. LFM

Technical Features

Multicolor Flocking for Flat Screen Printing Lines – mod. LFM


The system is composed of one or more Flocking Units that can be mounted on the stations of any flat screen printing line.

Each flocking unit is loaded with flock of a different colour. As the fabric stops in between printing phases, the units flock the portion of fabric underneath. Flock passes through the screens thus covering the desired portion of the drawing with the specified colour.

The flocking units’ motion is synchronized with the speed of the printing machine through a computerized system.

A suction blade for flock pre-cleaning is mounted at the end of the flocking process. Brushing is provided at oven outlet.

The brushing machines for the final cleaning can be mounted at the oven's exit or off-line, even with brushings of reduced sizes, and mounted on wheels for easy logistics management and use.

The machine can operate with sheets and with continuous material as well.

Each unit is composed of:

- Electrostatic flocking hopper, with a variable speed rotating brush for flock distribution. The brush is mounted on a frame with two insulated supports, and is equipped with a manual system to adjust the distance from the surface which requires flocking.





- A high voltage Electrostatic Generator with adjustable tension from 0 to 50,000 Volts.

- Motorization; the flocking unit relies on the flatscreen printing machine’s motion system.

- Control Panel, equipped with a PLC to handle all unit’s control.

Finally, these machines ensure high quality standards for:

- flocked products
- repeatability of the flocked product
- reliability of the machines
- easy and quick maintenance
- easy and quick to clean
- operator's safety





Technical data

400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
25 kW
7±1 Kg/cm²
to be defined

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