Automatic Plant for Glove Compartments Flocking – mod. FAO

Technical Features

Automatic Plant for Glove Compartments Flocking – mod. FAO

Car factories, nowadays, are using an increasing variety of flocked plastic components for car interiors (especially glove compartments), even on low budget vehicles.

 AIGLE has developed an automatic flocking plant for glove compartments with three main features:

– Automation, in order to increase productivity and reduce the amounts of defects
– High productivity, resulting in labor cost reduction
– Versatility, to work with different types of glove compartments.

The design and construction are based on the following principles:

– Movement of the parts through modular flocking and pre-cleaning stations, using a chain conveyor with step-by-step motion

– Electro-pneumatic flocking stations for fiber distribution, with a special device to filter and recover flock overflow

– Flocking stations are equipped with motorized multidirectional motion systems, allowing for great uniformity of the flocked surface

– The plant is equipped with a strong electrostatic field, thus making flock highly resistant to abrasion

– The plant is completely sealed as well, in order to minimize working environment pollution

A high-potential glue-drying oven is provided.

In order to control main production parameters, the system is run through PLC. It is also possible to set instructions for specific items, so that production parameters can be stored and used again for similar working processes.

These kind of plants are part of a range of machines and lines specifically designed for flocking objects for high productivity. Particular attention was given to the automotive industry, which requires high standards for:

– quality of the flocked product
– repeatability of the flocked product
– reliability of the machines
– easy maintenance
– operator’s safety

Of course, these lines are used also to flock three-dimensional objects in other industries/markets among which are:

– high-end packaging
– toys
– industrial components
– home furnishing
– clothing accessories
– different industrial components

The lines are often manufactured following the specificity of the products to be treated, both for their shape and for their quantity. They are therefore customized in their:

– size
– type and quantity of flocking guns and their movement
– flock recycling and recovery systems
– pieces loading / unloading / handling system

Technical data

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