Flocking is an industrial process which gives the treated product a velvety and soft effect.

The surface to be treated is coated with a specific adhesive, and subsequently put through an electrostatic system where millions of textile fibres are applied over it.

The flocking ensures that the surfaces treated become special, accumalting new aesthetic features and/or functionalities. For example, non-slip, soundproof, anti-glare, anti-condensate, anti-scratch, etc.

The market sectors where flocking can be applied are many. A few examples are:

Furniture: blackout curtains, curtains, external sun curtains, tapestry for sofas and beds covers, wallpaper, tablecloths, non-slip materials, etc.

Clothing: jackets, shirts, pants, accessories, sports & security clothing, etc.

Objects: (can be applied on plastic, wood, metal, porcelain, glass, foam, etc.) springs, carpets, profiles, hangers, toys, glasses cases, flocked swabs, etc.

AIGLE offers the widest range of flocking machines. The quality, versatility and customisation of its machines make AIGLE the leader of the flocking market. This range is divided into: Flocking Profiles, Flocking Objects, Flocking Fabrics and Roll Materials.

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