Electropneumatic Flock Distributor – mod. ESP1-B

Technical Features

Electropneumatic Flock Distributor – mod. ESP1-B


Compact sizes and easy handling allow industrial productions and/or sampling.

The unit consists of two separate elements:

- The containing/dosing group

- The spraying group

The containing/dosing group is a special flock container, where there is a brush that can rotate at variable speeds.

The flock is being fed by the brush in a constant and adjustable way to the air/flock mixer. Afterwards, it is propelled through a special fan and the flock is sent to the spraying group.

The spraying group consists of an electrostatic gun connected to a suitable flexible pipe.

The unit is connected to an electrostatic generator Mod. GE-100-1 (tension 0%50.000 Volts).

All the main functions of the machine are easily adjustable: for brush and fan speeds as well as for the electrostatic generator (voltage & max. current set).

Through the operator panel, it is possible to operate and select the working conditions, for example, of the tension value, the rotation speeds of the brush and of the fan.


Technical data

0,5 kW / 400 Volts / three-phase / 50Hz
Length 800 mm / Width 500 mm / Height 1050 mm

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