Electrostatic Generator – mod. GE-100-2-CASE

Technical Features

Electrostatic Generator – mod. GE-100-2-CASE

Highly reliable electronic assembly.

- Stabilized delivered tension, which remains constant independently from the flocking machine’s operating conditions.
- The generator is equipped with an “anti-stalactite” device: in case flock stalactites cause excessive absorption, the generator disconnects itself and connects back again after a split second, causing the stalactite to fall. This operation is automatic and the absorption value after which the unit starts working as well as disconnecting time can both be adjusted.
- PLC controlling electrostatic generator is controlling the eventual ground system Mod. SMT that is discharging the remaining tension after each time generator is switched off. The safety system is stopping the generator in case the ground system is not regularly working.

Control panel features (PLC):

  • Tension adjustment
  • Maximum level current adjustment for disconnection
  • Delivered tension display
  • Delivered current display
  • Alarms


Technical data

600 x 300 x 200 mm
230 V/50-60 Hz / 160 Watt
0÷2 mA
0÷100 kV

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