Electrostatic Generator – mod. GE-100-1-EASY

Technical Features

Electrostatic Generator – mod. GE-100-1-EASY

The Electrostatic Generator mod. GE-100-1-EASY represents a new technological concept and allows excellent flocking quality as well as a higher degree of safety during the working process. It consists of:

- Electrostatic generator and this is equipped with an “anti-stalactite” device: in case flock stalactites cause excessive absorption, the generator disconnects itself for a split second, causing the stalactite to fall. This operation is fully automatic and the absorption value after which the unit starts working again can be adjusted.
- Integrated control panel allows all the necessary adjustments to be made hrough the following controls:

  • Low and high tension led signal
  • Tension adjustment and relative display
  • Current adjustment and relative display
  • Alarm

The machine’s main features are:

- Highly reliable electronics
- Stabilized supplied tension, which remains constant independently from flocking machine operating conditions
- Adjustable amperage

The generator can be connected to a flocking gun mod. Easy Flock, as in the photo.

Technical data

222 x 245 x 57 mm
230 V/50-60 Hz / 80 Watt
0÷1 mA
100 KV
0÷50 KV

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