Over the years, AIGLE has developed several flocking units for rubber sleeves: they are tubular sheaths with different diameters and lengths that are flocked and then vulcanized; subsequently they are cut into strips in a closed loop so that they can be used as transmission belts for engines.

The flock has the aim of increasing the life of the belt and reducing its noise level.

AIGLE has designed and manufactured complete flocking systems consisting of:

  • A system for loading, unloading and/or handling sleeves with robots or actuators
  • A system for gluing application by spray painting or coating cylinder
  • A flocking unit equipped with hoppers and/or electro-pneumatic guns for an adequate distribution of flock

The flocking machine is then equipped with a system for flock recovery through collectors connected to suction systems.

The recovered flock is sieved to remove impurities and is then conveyed back to the flocking unit:

  • The glue pre-drying oven functions via infrared
  • The cleaning cabinet blows air, supplied by dedicated fans, through nozzles. A suction system recovers the excess flock in filter sacks
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