Laboratory Flocking Line – mod. LFL

Technical Features

Laboratory Flocking Line – mod. LFL



The Laboratory Flocking Line mod. LFL consists of:

- A trolley supporting frame for all machine elements.

- One hopper with variable speed, a motorized rotating brush with an adjustable through inverter. A handwheel is provided for height adjustment. The hopper is equipped with two net frames with different meshes for different types of flock.

- Beater bar located under the hopper.

- Two different methods to guide the fabric which requires flocking:

  • with conveyor belt (with manual motion)
  • with frame for Laboratory Oven & Direct Coating Head mod. JP (see leaflet)

- Passage of the fabric under the hopper can be repeated, in order to simulate the same conditions of a flocking machine equipped with multiple hoppers.

- Drawer equipped hopper for excess flock.

- Electrostatic generator with adjustable tension from 0 to 50,000 Volt.

- Control board.





- Suction slot located at the flocking area outlet and connected to an exhaust, filter and flock recovery bag

- AC motorized conveyor belt which can be synchronized to a laboratory coating line




Technical data

500 mm
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
1 kW

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