Laboratory Oven & Direct Coating Head – mod. JP

Technical Features

Laboratory Oven & Direct Coating Head – mod. JP

The Laboratory Oven & Direct Coating Head mod. JP consists of:
- An oven with electric batteries that can operate with different heating modes such as static heating, low ventilation heating, upper side heating and lower side heating (or both sides simultaneously.) The oven is equipped with:

  • Exhauster
  • Motorized device with timer to introduce and extract the trolley carrying the coated sample
  • Thermostat with digital readout for temperature control

- Coating Head, equipped with:

  • Cylinder coating blade with variable inclination
  • Floating blade
  • Two micrometric devices to adjust coating thickness
  • Micrometres to measure coated thickness
  • Laminating cylinder

The entire coating system slides on special guides.

- Two sample-carrying frames, which can be easily assembled on the coating head and on the trolley used to introduce the samples in the oven:

  • The first with pins for fabric coating
  • The second with clips for release paper coating

Possible coating methods:  Direct coating / Cylinder coating / Floating blade coating / Transfer coating / Foam coating / Flocking

Technical data

110 x 110 x 70 cm
28 x 30 cm
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
4 kW

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