Oven for Digital Plotter – mod. PLOTTER-HEAT

Technical Features

Oven for Digital Plotter – mod. PLOTTER-HEAT

This is part of the innovative drying group for printed fabrics with digital technology. The unit can be installed at the outlet of a digital textile plotter.

Its main characteristics:

- Constant and efficient exhaustion of the drying-process fumes
- Drying process more efficient, allowing a high printing speed
- Drying uniformity
- Unaltered printed colours after the drying process
- Perfect control of the unwinding tension

The unit is equipped with special IR lamps combined with an efficient air recirculating unit. The lamps are integrated and synchronized with the speed of the printing belt. As the belt stops, the lamps cool immediately, in order to avoid the risk of fabric damage. Besides, it is expected that a special motorized system for the fabric rewinding will maintain a perfectly constant speed and tension, also with a variation in the roll diameter; it is managed by a suitable electronic system with a sensor. The rewinding group is completed with an innovative vertical moving system for the fabric transmission cylinders, operated by pneumatic pistons. This system permits an easy passage of the fabrics and makes possible the high repetitiveness of the working conditions; it is equipped with a positioning system that is adjustable with a milimetred bar. The machine is equipped with PLC for managing the unit. This allows easy synchronisation with the existing plotter.


Technical data

1800 mm
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
10 kW
7+- Kg/cm2

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