Powder Scattering Laminating Line – mod. LAP

Technical Features

Powder Scattering Laminating Line – mod. LAP

The Powder Scattering Laminating Line - mod. LAP consists of:

- a frame unwinder with "Omega" type drawing unit
- a powder distribution unit - Mod. TDP/M
- a laminating unit - Mod. GRA-1
- a pre-heating infrared lamp panel - Mod. FIR-S
- a cooling group
- a rewinder
- motorization & control board

The main powder scattering laminating line advantages are:

- It is precise and there is a constant powder distribution
- Infrared temperature control - precise, constant and uniform
- The fabric feeding system guarantees a constant tension of the products to be treated


Technical data

to be defined
to be defined
variable till 30 mtrs/’
400 V ±5%, three-phase, 50 Hz – 175 kW
7 ± bar
to be defined
15° max

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