Adhesive Application Cabin – mod. ADP6

Technical Features

Adhesive Application Cabin – mod. ADP6

The Adhesive Application Cabin mod. ADP6 is completely built in stainless steel and is equipped with anti-spark exhausters for adhesive fumes.

The cabin is equipped to apply glue onto profiles using distributing brushes which can be easily replaced and oriented according to production needs. In order to avoid vibrations, each brush is mounted on its own independent structure.

A very precise peristaltic pump applies glue to the brushes. The cabin is equipped with rear inspection doors for easy cleaning, maintenance and filter replacements. An internal light is also provided.

Adjustable rollers and supports are provided inside the unit and are suited to mount specific profile guides.

Technical data

1300÷1400 ml/min. (adjustable)
4000 m³/h
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
3 kW

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