Automatic Flocking Cabinet – mod. CA/R-ESP

Technical Features

Automatic Flocking Cabinet – mod. CA/R-ESP

The automatic flocking cabinet mod. CA/R-ESP consists of:

- Closed cabin for safety and environment protection
- Electro-pneumatic flocking gun mod. ESP
- Flock recovery system
- Internal light
- Suction fan

With this cabinet, it is possible to flock a variety of objects of different shapes. The process is completely automatic. The flocking gun is placed on the arm of a robot so that specific movements can be registered and easily reproduced. The objects are supported by a translating table: the operator places the object, then the table translates to the flocking position.

The cabinet is equipped with an electro-pneumatic flocking system mod. ESP (see the relative brochure) and with an automatic sieving and flock recovery system.

Technical data

400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
4 kW
to be defined
7 ±1 Kg/cm²

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