Automatic Glue Spraying Cabinet – mod. CV/R

Technical Features

Automatic Glue Spraying Cabinet – mod. CV/R

The Glue Spraying Cabinet mod. CV/R consists of:

- Closed cabin for environment protection

- Double dry filtration system and Paint-Stop cover for quick replacement

- Internal light (2 x 18W)

- Suction fan

With this cabinet it is possible to spray a variety of objects of different shapes. The process is completely automatic and it is carried out by a robot.

The objects are supported by a rotating table: the operator places the object on the table, then the table rotates to the spraying position; one position is ready for loading/unloading operations, on the opposite side another piece is ready for the automatic painting process.

The glue pump/drum group is positioned in the rear of the cabin.

The cabin is properly depressurized by a fan equipped with filters, in order to avoid any over-spray is released into the environment.

Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
3 kW

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