Cleaning and Cooling Unit – mod. WCP6

Technical Features

Cleaning and Cooling Unit – mod. WCP6

  The Cleaning and Cooling Unit mod. WCP6 is divided into three sections: - Water cooling and cleaning: a set of properly positioned nozzles uniformly sprays nebulized water on the profile, in this way the excess flock is removed and the profile temperature is quickly reduced through evaporation. - Compressed air cleaning: a set of blowing nozzles fed by the compressed air system removes water residue and excess flock, for profile cooling and cleaning. - Drying: large nozzles fed by two blowing units blow air on the profile for final drying. The unit is composed of: - Stainless steel structure with an idle roll-rack to guide profiles. - Upper part sealing with polycarbonate doors, for easy access and inspection. - Stainless steel water collecting tank with a spillway overflow pipe, a discharge valve for complete emptying, and a level sensor for water replenishing. An adjustable thermostatic system for water temperature control is in the tank, with a water-to-water exchanger.  

Technical data

0,37 kW - 50 l/min.
~350 l
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
3,5 kW

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