Transfer Coating Line – mod. LSPT

Technical Features

Transfer Coating Line – mod. LSPT


Synthetic leather is obtained by coating on release paper layers of PVC and/or polyurethane (PU).


These are dried at high temperatures through coating line ovens.


Before the detachment and the consequent separation of the product obtained from the paper, it follows the coupling of the coating with a fabric.


The paper, after detachment from synthetic leather, is rewound carefully and re-used several times in the production process until its replacement is necessary.



AIGLE’s coating lines are mainly equipped with:

  • Unwinder group with accumulator and cutting units and paper junction
  • 1st drying oven
  • 1st cooling group
  • 2nd coating head
  • 2nd drying oven
  • 2nd cooling group




  • "Dry coat" Group
  • 3rd coating head
  • Lamination group
  • 3rd drying oven
  • 3rd cooling group
  • Detachment group
  • Product Rewinder
  • Paper Rewinder
  • Control boards


Technical data

1800 mm
1600 mm
max 30 m/min'
400 V ±5% / 50 Hz / three-phase
max 240°C
150 kW
7 Kg/cm²

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