Drying Oven for Coating Lines – mod. FOP/C

Technical Features

Drying Oven for Coating Lines – mod. FOP/C



Drying Oven for Coating Lines mod. FOP/C’s main features are:

- Heating system, which is equipped with a recirculation fan, an oil battery, blowing channels, an air recovery channel and a filter. To ensure uniform heating and air distribution, fields are opposed on the left and the right side.
In order to reduce electrical consumption as the oven reaches working temperature, all recirculation fans are controlled by an inverter wich changes the rotation speed as temperature increases

- Oven structure, this has silicone rubber sealing doors that are positioned all along the sides in order to grant easy inner access. Both the side doors as well as the upper coverings are made of sheet-zinc panels containing high-density mineral wool. The oven is built in order to guarantee maximum sealing and insulation.

- Air exhaust system, consisting of upper exhausts that are connected with two air channels that lead outside the oven, along the upper sides. In order to allow local and precise air suction adjustments, variable size openings are provided for every field of application.

- Electrical board & PLC, motorization components are gathered on modular control panels. Main functions are displayed on screen. Synchronization with the rest of the line is obtained through inverter controlled A.C. motors with vector functions. General synchronization is obtained through an input signal to the cards controlling the inverters.

General speed adjustment is obtained through a moto-potentiometer and signal amplifier. Electronic cards for inverter adjustments are equipped with potentiometric correction by percentage.

- Thermo-Regulations mod. TR, is a temperature control system, there would be one for each battery, consisting of:

  • A three-way pneumatic command modular valve, equipped with an electro-pneumatic transducer
  • A PT 100 temperature detector
  • A PID electronic control with digital display


Paper introduction system: the oven can be equipped with a motorized chain conveyor, to easily introduce paper that requires coating. Idle cylinders are provided in order to support the paper along the oven. The cylinders can be easily removed for cleaning as and when needed.

AIGLE’s ovens can also be built for steam or gas heating.


Technical data

diathermic oil
120.000 KCal/h
5,5 kW
to be defined (220° C max.)
to be definded
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
7±1 Kg/cm²

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