Electropneumatic Flocking Machine – mod. FR/ESP

Technical Features

Electropneumatic Flocking Machine – mod. FR/ESP


The Electropneumatic Flocking Machine mod. FR/ESP is designed for the flocking of profiles with undercuts.

It is a modular unit that is normally inserted next to the flocking machine with hopper and before the profile pre-cleaning system. It is used for high speed production and/or for profiles with large areas to flock; they are sometimes mounted in pairs.

Therefore, the unit allows the flocking of very complex undercut profiles sections.

The machine is composed of:

- Containing/dosing group: it is a special flock container located in the lower part of the machine. Two motorized screws equipped with two speed variators are placed at its base; they feed flock in a constant and adjustable way to two air/flock mixers. A scattering device inside the container prevents the formation of flock bridges. Air/flock mixture is obtained with a special fan. Flock is transported through two flexible pipes and up to the two spraying groups located in the upper part of the machine.

- Spraying group: each group consists of a special gun connected with an electrostatic generator (0÷50,000 Volt variable tension) and is mounted on orientable supports. The guns are then easily adjustable and in this way they ensure an easy way to flock all parts of the profiles. Guns are also available with circular and oval exits: there may be specials needs given by the profiles sections that make it necessary to flock with different guns as there may be areas where it is difficult for the flock to access. The unit is completely sealed and is depressurized in order to prevent flock pollution.






The automatic grounding system discharges a high voltage to the ground when the generator is switched off or the windows are opened.

The unit must be connected to a suitable suction unit.

The flocking machine is equipped with large windows that allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.



Technical data

400V/50 Hz/three-phase
5 kW
7±1 Kg/cm²

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