Flocking Machine Group – mod. F-01-800

Technical Features

Flocking Machine Group – mod. F-01-800


The Flocking Machine mod. FR1/R can be used independently or combined, either with one module or more, in order to obtain higher flocking speeds, or with a Flocking Machine mod. FR/ESP for flocking undercut profiles.

The module includes:

- Electrostatic Generator mod. GE-100-3
A flock distribution section, consisting of a longitudinal flocking hopper containing a rotating brush. The brush is opposed to a wire mesh frame that can be easily removed for cleaning. Brush rotation speed can be adjusted and a motorized system allows for the adjustment of hopper height, relative to the profile as well.

- A flock recovery and recirculation section, consisting of a flock collector installed in the lower section of the machine which is equipped with a screw-conveyor which transports flock back to the flocking hopper. Flock level inside the hopper and collector is measured and controlled by sensors. The unit must be connected to a suitable suction group.

- Safety systems:

  • Sealed aluminium and glass windows placed on the front and rear sides. The unit is depressurized in order to prevent flock pollution and protect the operator from the electrostatic field
  • Automatic grounding system, discharging high voltage to the ground when generator is shut off or when the windows are opened

- An on-board control panel operator.

- Recirculation Group - Mod. FC
The flocking group is connected to a vertical filter and to a cyclone. Medium filter: needle-punched polyester felt with anti-static coating and surface coating microporous.

  • Filter in sturdy sheet with access door for inspection
  • Filter bags mounted in the front
  • A cleaning system including: diaphragm valves, pipes blowers, compressed air tank with a differential pressure gauge, scale graduation 400-500 KPa. and at the bottom a dust collecting hopper with flange connection and support
  • A filter for vacuum levels up to 5 KPa. and pressure levels up to 3 KPa.
  • Air intake for dust and clean air outlet with flange connection

- A cabin with air conditioning.

Technical data

150 mm
800 mm
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
2,5 kW

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