Flocking Machine – mod. TT2

Technical Features

Flocking Machine – mod. TT2


The Flocking Machine mod. TT2 is designed to flock objects and flat surfaces.

The machine consists of:
– One variable speed motorized conveyor belt made with a fiberglass net
– Two Plexiglas flocking hoppers
– Two rotating brushes inside the hoppers
– An inverter equipped with speed controls, which controls brush rotation through insulated transmission shafts
– A motorized device to adjust the gap between the flocking hoppers and the conveyor belt
– Beater bars, below the conveyor belt
– A suction blade on the conveyor belt (optional) and a flock collector below the hoppers, connected to a fan equipped with sleeve filters and a flock recovery bag
– Access doors to protect against flock pollution
Electrostatic Generator, with 100 kV maximum output
– Control board


Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
6 kW
7 ±1 Kg/cm²

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