Flocking Trolley for Flat Screen Printing – mod. TCR/COMPL

Technical Features

Flocking Trolley for Flat Screen Printing – mod. TCR/COMPL




The Flocking Trolley mod. TCR/COMPL has to be assembled on the end shoulders of a flat screen printing machine. The flocking trolley runs back and forth on two rails mounted on the printing machine’s shoulders. The trolley and printing machine speeds are synchronized. While fabric stops between printing phases, the trolley flocks the fabric which lies underneath.

The system consists of:

– A trolley with an electrostatic flocking hopper and variable speed rotating brush to distribute flock through a stainless steel screen. The hopper is placed on the frame through four insulators and is equipped with a system to adjust the distance relative to the flocking surface.

– An electrostatic generator with adjustable tension from 0 to 50,000 Volts.

A Suction System mod. BB1, consisting of one suction blade next to the point where fabric and conveyor belt split. The blade is connected to the suction fan equipped with filtering sleeves and a collecting bag for recovered flock.




Brushing Unit mod. SZ1 is placed at the oven outlet, consisting of:

  • One rotary brush motorized at a fixed speed. The pressure of the brush against the counter roller is adjustable through an electric motor
  • A fan with filtering sleeves and a collecting bag to be connected to the brush deck for the recovery of removed flock

– Main control panel.

The TCR Trolley can be mounted on printing tables as well.




Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
5 kW

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