Hot Melt Lamination Line – mod. LHM

Technical Features

Hot Melt Lamination Line – mod. LHM

Application systems for hot-melt lamination lines:

System with smooth or engraved cylinder

Slot system.

Aigle collaborates with Bridarolli Srl in the use of hot-melt systems. The combination of these experiences allows us to offer a reliable and consolidated technology that is always oriented towards innovation and research.

Characteristics of the these application systems are:

Smooth cylinder system: it allows the application of an average greater quantity of hot-melt component and can only apply a single uniform layer of adhesive.

System with engraved cylinder: allows the application of the adhesive in spots, making the coated / coupled material breathable and, therefore, soft.

Slot system: allows a wide variability of adhesive application grammage: from 2-3 g to 10 g / m2 for non-total coverings or up to 500 gr / m2 for total coverings, with very high application uniformity.

Aigle / Bridarolli Slot system offers the possibility to change of adhesive weight easier than with the classic engraved coating system. There is no need to replace the cylinder or to invest in the purchase of the cylinder itself. The use of Bridarolli Srl melters and extruders ensures proper supply of the hot-melt adhesive to the application device.

The application of adhesive / hot-melt materials in industry are extremely varied:
– Self-adhesive materials: (non-woven/woven fabrics, foams, plastic films etc. can be coated with a self-adhesive hot-melt) these materials are used in the shoe-making industry to produce insulation materials
– Plasticized materials: woven fabrics, used for instance to produce plasticized tablecloths, coated by thermoplastic hot-melts
– Back coating: for upholstery fabrics and for a black-out finish (by coating thermoplastic EVA hot-melts)
– Laminated materials: (non-woven/woven fabrics, foams, plastic films etc.) using both thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives and reactive PUR adhesives produces materials for the upholstery industry to the automotive industry, for example.

Through the engraving roller system, the following items can be produced:
– Dot-coated materials: (non-woven/woven fabrics etc. coated with thermoplastic hot-melts) used as interlinings
– “Network shaped” or dot-coated materials: these materials are coated with thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives and become adhesive when heated at the adhesive melting temperature. They can be used for many different purposes; for example, non-woven fabrics are used to cover the interior surfaces of vehicles
– Breathable but waterproof laminates: used in the garment and shoe industry and is obtained by laminating a membrane (i.e. Goretex®) to fabrics
– Breathable laminated materials: (non-woven/woven fabrics, foams, plastic films etc.) uses both thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives and reactive PUR adhesives; used in different fields from upholstery to the automotive industry etc.

Technical data

400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
40 kW
7±1 Kg/cm²

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