Infrared Pre-Drying Oven – mod. FIR/S

Technical Features

Infrared Pre-Drying Oven – mod. FIR/S



Infrared Pre-Drying Oven has been designed for different purposes:

- Pre-drying: can easily be mounted between the two heads of any rotary printing machine.
It can be joined with units of flocking and/or distribution glitters.
The oven allows the pre-drying of the printed fabric.
In the same working process it can therefore, proceed with a subsequent release of glue and flock, avoiding the same flock anchors on the first printed design.


- Freezing: can easily be mounted at the entrance of an oven and just after a coating machine.
As an example, it is used when coating latex.


- Pre-heating: can easily be mounted at the entrance of a grille to emboss PVC coated materials.
There are other uses in special sectors.




The Infrared Pre-Drying Oven consists of:

- Lamps with low average frequency and gold reflectors.


- Forced ventilation which allows a good circulation of hot air, useful for the pre-drying and cooling of the lamps processes.


- Steel lamp holders which are able to insulate the heat to allow the regulation in height of the furnace with respect to the fabric.


- Electrical panel with PLC to control the temperature in relation to the speed of production. It is expected that there will be an immediate infrared temperature drop when the speed slows down, until it completely turns off when it stops.



Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
~ 30 ¸ 50 (in relation to the working width) kW 400 V three-phase 50 Hz

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