Laminating Line – mod. AT2

Technical Features

Laminating Line – mod. AT2


The Laminating Line mod. AT2 is composed of:

Unwinding Group mod. UT2/AS, consisting of:

  • AXIAL UNWINDER mod. AS with universal fast joint for unwinding trolley connection

Coating Head mod. BS2, designed and built so that different coating techniques can be employed (see relevant leaflet)

Lamination Unit mod. AT2, consisting of:

  • UNWINDING GROUP, in order to pull the material requiring lamination, without tension
  • LAMINATION UNIT, consisting of:
    * two cylinders heated with diathermic oil (ø 2000 mm)
    * stainless steel surface, covered in Teflon
    * one lamination rubber cylinder (ø 200 mm) opposite the first cylinder
    * cylinder motion is obtained through a pneumatic piston with adjustable pressure and equipped with motorized micrometric adjustment of the lamination thickness
    * two idle cylinders opposite to the two main cylinders to carry the material
    * the unit is driven by an A.C. motor with an inverter and local potentiometer for line synchronization and it is equipped with a pump for oil circulation and thermoregulation
  • REWINDING GROUP mod. UT2/AS, consisting of:
    * AXIAL REWINDER mod. AS consisting of a lateral supporting structure with asynchronous induction motors


Options for the Dry-Coat Process Unit, consisting of:

– MOVING UNWINDER, mounted on wheels and running on rails. It can be placed before the first heating cylinder and unwound material that requires lamination, or after the second heating cylinder and therefore functions as a “Dry-Coat” unit
– CALENDERING UNIT, consisting of:

  • counter-cylinder covered in neoprene of adequate hardness
  • steel upper calendering cylinder

Pressure between the two rollers is controlled by two pneumatic pistons which can be accurately adjusted in order to obtain uniform pressure all along the width of the table.

Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
5 kW
7±1 Kg/cm²
diathermic oil

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