Pre-Vulcanization Unit – mod. NIRV-101

Technical Features

Pre-Vulcanization Unit – mod. NIRV-101

The Pre-Vulcanization Unit - mod NIRV - 101 has 6 sections. Each section has two infrared lights where each lamp has an approx. length of 960 mm. The temperature of each zone can be adjusted separately via the PLC system.


- Max. surface temperature of NIR heaters: 1,880°C
- Electrical energy requirement: approx. 34 kW
- The NIR zones will be cooled with a specially designed water-cooling system, therefore non-separate cooling is required.
- Max. consumption per minute: approx. 15 l/min 60 psi
- Entry temperature of water: max. 37°C
- Temperature of the NIR Unit is adjustable by percentage (0-100%) via the PLC system for each section separately.
- Working heights can be adjusted between 1,000-1,200 mm.
- Total length of unit: 700 -1,000 mm.



Technical data

Approx. 70x70 mm
400V±10% / 50Hz / three-phase
6 Bar
with water
60 psi

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