Powder Distribution Unit – mod. TDP/M

Technical Features

Powder Distribution Unit – mod. TDP/M

The Powder Distribution Unit mod. TDP/M consists of one hopper containing powder, with an inverter-controlled dosing cylinder of adjustable speeds placed at its base.

A doctor blade opposed to the cylinder is used to adjust powder output. A rotating brush is mounted opposed to the cylinder and is used to remove powder and distribute it on the fabric underneath it. Brush speed is variable and controlled by the inverter. The unit can be inspected through Plexiglas panels.

Main control panel.

Electrostatic Dispersion Unit mod. GDE consists of one insulated structure for the electrostatic field and one electrostatic generator with adjustable tension from 0 to 50 kV, used to improve the uniformity of powder distribution
Suction System mod. BB1 consists of a suction blade placed at a powder distributor exit. A vertical adjustment device is provided. The blade is connected to a fan equipped with filtering sleeves and a collecting bag for the recovered powder

Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
5 kW

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