Technical Features


Over the years, AIGLE has developed several Flocking Equipment for Metallic Springs, used mainly in the automotive industry. The flocked springs are used in the systems for opening doors. The flock reduces the noise in the passenger compartment and helps the sliding of the spring inside its seat.

AIGLE has designed and manufactured complete flocking systems consisting of:

- A system for loading, unloading or handling springs with robots and air transporters
- A system for gluing application by spray painting
- Flocking equipped with electro-pneumatic guns for an adequate distribution of flock. The flocking machine is then equipped with a system for flock recovery through collectors connected to suction systems
- Oven for glue drying
- Cleaning cabin through nozzles that blow air supplied by dedicated fans. A suction system recovers in filter sacks the excess flock
- Electric board

This kind of plants allows:

- high productivity
- uniformity of application of flock around the spring
- flexibility of the system for springs of different diameter and length


Technical data

400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
to be defined
7±1 Kg/cm²

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