Three Head Printing Line – mod. LST

Technical Features

Three Head Printing Line – mod. LST

The Three Head Printing Line mod. LST allows:

– The reduction of the cost of the printing cylinders (only the external shell is replaced)

– Easy access to replace the printing cylinders

– Change in the fabric tension when the machine stops or when the printing cylinder is released from the counter-cylinder

– The drying at high speeds of all types of inks, including the water base ones, due to the special air circulation system of the oven

This machine consists of:

– unwinder
– accumulator with two W drives
– printing units
– drying oven
– cooling Unit
– contact Rewinder
– motorization & Control Board

The printing units are equipped with a rubber covered back-up roller (Ø mm. 300) and also a printing group equipped with 2 conical chucks on which the printing cylinder shell is mounted. The chucks come with a pneumatical quick release device and also with a transversal correction system. The group is motorized by an A.C. motor equipped with an inverter for the synchronization with the rest of the line. For the printing cylinder speed adjustment, dancer roll with pneumatical control of fabric tension can be used.

A gap micrometric adjustment system between the printing roller and the back up roller and a stainless steel tray containing the ink and scraper blade comes with adjustable inclination and pressure. At least a couple of pneumatical pistons for the quick lifting and lowering of the whole system (printing roller, motorization and tray); in this way it is possible to keep rotating the printing roll also when it is lowered, in order to prevent the drying of the ink.

Technical data

1600 mm.
160 mm (other diameters are available, max. 240 mm)
variable between 5 ÷ 40 mtrs/min
6 Bar
400 V - threephase - 50 Hz
15 kW
with diathermic oil
300.000 kcal/h

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