Coagulation Line – mod. LC/F

Technical Features

Coagulation Line – mod. LC/F

Coagulation lines are used for the production of filters and synthetic leather. This is a wet process. The substrate is first impregnated or squeegeed or slotted and then placed in contact with water diluted with other chemical compounds.
The characteristics of the Coagulation Line – mod. LC/F are as follows:
– The fabric or substrate is twisted through unwinders and in case also accumulators. The accumulator can hold several linear meters of fabric, providing enough time to replace the empty roll with a new one without stopping the coagulation line.
– Also self-aligning pulling units guide the fabric or substrate through the line These units ensure uniform tension of the fabric or substrate.
– Next, alternative coating and/or impregnation routes are taken using various techniques (squeegee, slot, etc.).
– The substrate is then coagulated,
– proceeds to one or more washing tanks with or without wringing calenders.
– Finally, the product is dried and rewound.
Systems for detaching the coagulated membrane from the substrate are also used along the line

Technical data

500-1800 mm
300-1600 mm
1,5 ÷ 15 mt/min
400 Volt ±5% , 50 Hz, three-phase
7 ±1 Kg/cm²

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