Flocking Unit for Rotary Printing – mod. TC2/COMPL

Technical Features

Flocking Unit for Rotary Printing – mod. TC2/COMPL



The Flocking Unit for Rotary Printing mod. TC2/COMPL is placed on the shoulders of a rotary screen printing machine. At the point where fabric and conveyor belt split, a suction blade for preliminary cleaning is located; final cleaning is performed by the brushing machine located at the oven outlet.

The unit consists of:

Flocking Unit mod. TC2, to be mounted on the last section of the rotary printing machine shoulders, composed by two hoppers containing two variable speed motorized rotary brushes equipped with an inverter. The two brushes are opposed to two net frames, which can be extracted for cleaning. The hoppers are mounted on the external frame through Plexiglas insulators, and are equipped with a motorized system to adjust the gap between the hoppers and the blanket. The frame is sealed with panels to avoid flock pollution

– 100.000 Volt electrostatic generator

Suction System mod. BB1, consisting of one suction blade next to the point where the fabric and the conveyor belt split. The blade is connected to the suction fan equipped with filtering sleeves and a collecting bag for the recovered flock






Brushing Unit mod. SZ1 is placed at the oven outlet and consists of:

  • One rotary brush motorized at a fixed speed. The pressure of the brush against the counter roller is adjustable through an electric motor
  • A fan with filtering sleeves and a collecting bag to be connected to the brush deck for the recovery of removed flock


The Flocking Group mod. TC2 can be combined with a Glitter Distribution Unit mod. TDP (see scheme below).







Technical data

to be defined
400 V/50 Hz/three-phase
7 kW

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